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Don’t drink and ride

At the moment I’m digging through classic lager ads on the basis of a theory about how advertising of lager has gradually progressed from product quality and nutritional claims to more lifestyle-based, social affirmation. It was all going very nicely and then … Continue reading

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How Heineken reached the parts other lagers couldn’t reach

Some of the best lager advertising ever was the product of one of the UK’s best copywriters – who without an idea in his head fled the country with one word and the threat of a firing if he didn’t … Continue reading

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Classic 80s lager ad – Holsten Pils

1979 commercial for Holsten Pils Lager In the late 19th Century Holsten Brauerei first began trading in the UK when they purchased a brewery in Wandsworth, London. Holsten Pils was first imported into the UK in 1952 thus creating the … Continue reading

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