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Rice in lager gets an image overhaul in the LA Times

For years ‘industrial’ lager has ben ridiculed for adding rice and corn as adjuncts to provide extra sugar for fermenting. The beer purists locked into Reinheitsgebot have accused brewers of cheapening the brew, watering it down for commercial gain, and … Continue reading


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Lager lovers of the world unite

Jeff Pickthall loves lager. Bless ‘im. And he’s written a post to celebrate the fact over at his “It’s just the beer talking” blog.

And he’s not the only one. I think it is fair to say that there have been quite a few bloggers recently who have come out and defended the style. And its important to note that it is the style that is being praised. Continue reading

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Lager loathing started early in New York

“We admit having once to oblige a friend from the fatherland tasted this repulsive drink and while we acknowledge our present friendship for choice Havana we are truly thankful that our aversion for lager bier has remained permanent from the first mouthful.”

That quote comes from an article in the June 1856 edition of the United States magazine of science, art, manufactures, agriculture, commerce and trade and shows that lager loathing is not a new phenomenon. The article described how lager bier “a nauseating drink” had taken over New York. Continue reading

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