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Lager advertising – press, TV, film etc.

How about a history lesson with that lager?

Nineteenth century lager (and brewing) moguls were not backwards in coming forwards about their own role in the greatness of their beers. Whether by design or association, the pioneers of the new scientific brewing from the 1850s onwards were men … Continue reading

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When lager advertising gave Samantha one

The Skol lager ad with the immortal last line. Watch to the end –  it’ s a cracker. It also was a landmark campaign for lager, according to the agency that made it – D’Arcy Macmanus & Masius. Why was … Continue reading

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Lager. Did we jump or were we pushed?

At the end of November 1969, the British Labour government generously allowed a price increase of  ‘not more than 2d a pint’ to the brewing industry. There was little rejoicing among brewers; first because they had asked for double and second because the 2d increase … Continue reading

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