New life for one of the UK’s first lager breweries

Wrexham Lager Brewery opened in 1882, closed by Carlsberg Tetley in 2000 and sold for £1, could be resurrected by by Welsh MP Martyn Jones.

Martyn Jones, worked as a microbiologist at the brewery from 1969 until June 1987 when he was elected to the House of Commons as Labour MP for Clwyd South West. He bought the Wrexham Lager brand from Carlsberg Tetley for £1  to stop it disappearing for ever.

Martyn Jones with Wrexham Lager, thebrand he bought for £1. Photo: BBC News

Martyn Jones with Wrexham Lager, the brand he bought for £1. Photo: BBC News

He’s retiring from politics after the next General Election, but is apparently looking around for something to keep him busy according to the Daily Post.

“I also still own the brand for Wrexham Lager and there is somebody serious interested in working on it. I think it has got legs, it would be great to get Wrexham Lager started again.”

He started a campaign in March to bring Wrexham Lager back after a gap of nearly 10 years.

Historic brewery

Wrexham Lager Brewery was set up in 1882 by German immigrants Ivan Levinstein and Otto Isler to make Bavarian-style lager. The site was chosen because cutting into hillside would provide natural insulation for cellars. But the storage temperature could not be kept low enough and the brewery sank into voluntary liquidation.

It was rescued thanks to new techniques of refrigeration and produced beer until 2000, when it was closed.


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