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Cheap and cheerful or a UK lager classic?

A strange combination is Skol. One of UK lager’s oldest brands, it has been passed from hand to hand, merrily swapping owners as brewing consolidation caught up with it again and again. From Burton-brewed to cheap and cheerful discount lager … Continue reading

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When lager advertising gave Samantha one

The Skol lager ad with the immortal last line. Watch to the end –  it’ s a cracker. It also was a landmark campaign for lager, according to the agency that made it – D’Arcy Macmanus & Masius. Why was … Continue reading

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The early days of British lager revealed

Its part of the lager myth that in the late 50s and 60s, lager consumption began the slow build up before exploding in the 70s and 80s. The arrival of homegrown lagers Harp and Skol in the early 6os is … Continue reading

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