Another 80s lager classic – Hofmeister

Beer advertising reached its height in the 1980s and I’m a sucker for all the ads that prompted me to drink more than I really should. This was one of my favourites even if the product itself was rather standard (to use a marketing term). Isn’t YouTube wonderful?


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2 Responses to Another 80s lager classic – Hofmeister

  1. ATJ says:

    Hi Andrew
    that reminds me — I was with a brewer the other day who worked on Hofmeister and he told me about the production process — it made my hair curl…

    • Andrew says:

      I don’t think that was (or is) uncommon – especially in the early days of lager. Many of the breweries brewing lager were ale breweries that were adapted in a rather Heath Robinson way. Ironically enough, when Carlsberg started producing some of its Semper Ardens top-fermented beer it had to go through the same process in reverse and bastardise its Copenhagen lager brewery.

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