Lager vs. cask. Why can’t we all just get along?

News of an interesting event in London

A top level exploration of that perennial beer drinkers’ conundrum as to whether cask ale and real lager are friends or foes is to be made by leading UK beer writers Roger Protz and Pete Brown as part of the White Horse, Parsons Green programme for National Cask Ale Week (March 29-April 5).

The event takes place on Tuesday March 30th at 7pm, when participants will also be treated to a tutorial on some of the cask ales in the White Horse’s cask ale week programme as well as on Budweiser Budvar’s fabled non-pasteurised yeast beer. Usually only found at the Budvar brewery tap or at a very few selected outlets, all in the Czech Republic, White Horse manager Dan Fox has arranged to list this, what many believe is the ultimate lager, especially for the week.

Both Protz and Brown promise to challenge the received wisdom that sees the beer globe as having lager at one pole and cask ale at the other and they propose to offer an alternative map to the beer world.


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3 Responses to Lager vs. cask. Why can’t we all just get along?

  1. ATJ says:

    I would like to think that we’ve all moved on from this ale vs lager phoney war, after all it’s all beer, with just yeast and time providing the difference. Also, seems strange to have just one lagered beer while there are loads of cask beers, after all as we know lagered beers have different nuances and tastes and characters, Budvar live yeast is just one, shame they couldn’t have a kellierbier or a Zoigl!

    • Andrew says:

      I’m inclined to be ‘large’ – the White Horse does have a good record of promoting lager and it is cask ale week after all! But “just yeast and time”? I fear you have misunderstood the size of the schism between ale and the evil that is lager… 😉 I think I might just go along to run around shouting “Lager isn’t supposed to taste like ale”

  2. ATJ says:

    “Lager isn’t supposed to taste like ale” — depends if you’re one of these micros who crow about their so-called ‘cask-conditioned lagers’ 😉

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